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The Last of Us Part II is now available

These words have actually been years in the making: The Last of United States Part II is out now!

When we set out to make this video game, we understood it would be dangerous. We’re lucky that numerous of you enjoyed The Last of United States which it left a long lasting impression. These characters and their stories imply a lot to us, as we understand they do to numerous of you. Which is why we didn’t ignore the job of going back to their world for another story. We discussed this for a while whether we should, however the issue was that we had actually landed on a story principle that influenced us. It felt thrilling and intrinsic to the world of The Last of United States, however more significantly, it seemed like a story that required to be informed.

On the surface area, it might appear like a basic “vengeance story,” however as you dive into the video game, its much deeper styles will emerge. This is a story of fascination and the lengths we will go to for justice and the ones we like — — when is it time to let go? And when should you hang on at any expense? This is a story of compassion, injury, and redemption.

Seven years back, we set out to develop a computer game that would check out these difficult styles. Ever since, numerous skilled designers have actually devoted their enthusiasm to bring this vision to life.

We crafted a character driven story, concentrating on problematic people and the hard options that they make. As you experience it with them, we hope you’ll laugh, cry, and even feel their battle through heavy minutes that are created to be mentally difficult. Many of all, we hope this video game influences in you the type of philosophical disputes we had while making it.

On behalf of everybody at Naughty Dog, thank you for belonging of this journey.

Until next time, make it through and withstand!

– Neil

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The Last of Us Part II Comes to PS4 in May

To our fans,

Let me cut to the chase and get the news out of the method. The Last of United States Part II has a brand-new release date of May 29, 2020.

I understand. It was practically a month back when we had our huge blowout for the video game, letting media play over 2 hours of it together with debuting our brand-new story trailer and exposing the release date. The favorable action we saw from our neighborhood was frustrating. You can feel the energy amongst the staff member. After dealing with something for many years, it’’ s stimulating to get a glance of recognition for all the effort.

However, it was throughout the last couple of weeks, as we were liquidating areas of the video game, that we recognized we merely didn’’ t have adequate time to bring the whole video game approximately a level of polish we would call Naughty Dog quality. At this moment we were confronted with 2 alternatives: compromise parts of the video game or get more time. We chose the latter, and this brand-new release date enables us to complete whatever to our level of fulfillment while likewise decreasing tension on the group.

While we’’ re relieved that we won’’ t need to jeopardize our vision, we’’ re dissatisfied that we weren’’ t able to prevent this specific scenario. We want we might’’ ve visualized the quantity of polish we required, however the size and scope of this video game overcame us. We dislike frustrating our fans and for that we’’ re sorry.

We hope you comprehend that this extra time guarantees that The Last of United States Part II measures up to our cumulative aspiration in addition to our dedication to the greatest level of quality. We understand the additional couple of months will contribute to what might currently be an unbearable wait on everyone. We are grateful for your persistence and continued assistance. Follow May, you will lastly rejoin Ellie in The Last of United States Part II.

– Neil

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