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The Angels Have Our Backs

““ For he will provide his angels charge of youto guard you in all your methods” ”( Ps. 91:11).


Angels are genuine —– a huge range of spirits who are more active in our lives than we may understand. We ought to bear in mind them, especially our guardian angels, and have an individual relationship with them. We need to hope to them, talk to them whenever we consider them – – and they will seek our attention if we however focus —– whether we remain in requirement. For they wish to be with us in weal or in problem. They hope not simply for us however with us, sharing in our ethical and spiritual difficulties and development. We need to thank them and bless them and honor them as the exalted yet modest fellow animals they are, endowed by God with prodigious intelligence and powers they easily, adoringly, usage for His magnificence and for our great.

It is frequently comprehended that angels were produced early on throughout the 6 days of Genesis, which they were enhanced by God at their beginning with all the understanding and abilities they would ever have – – they do not alter through experience. Appropriately, custom holds that angels selected to send to or rebel versus their Maker at the immediate they happened. They are genderless and do not propagate their own kind, and each angel is so special regarding be a types unto itself. Angels are made in God’’ s image and similarity, as are we, with an intelligence and free choice; however they remain in other necessary methods really various, and strange – – such as their department into 3 tiered hierarchies: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones; Dominions, Virtues, and Powers; Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

Angels are mostly misinterpreted, when they are not neglected. The word angel, from the Greek angelos, indicates ““ messenger. ” But Psalm 103:20 states more specifically their factor for being: ““ Bless the Lord, O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word. ” Angels exist primary and very first, as do we, to applaud God and do His will. And it is main to His will that angels monitor each people – – over our household, our nation, history, the Church. Pope St. John XXIII stated it was his guardian angel who informed him to convoke the Second Vatican Council.

Jesus Himself stated of His ““ kids ” that “ their angels constantly see the face of my Father ” (Matt. 18:10) – hence developing that we have guardian angels, which angels are pure spirits, exempt to the laws of time and area, who bilocate.

I think each of you reading this short article has actually experienced the intervention of an angel in your life – – possibly unbeknown to you – – whether to safeguard you from some serious threat or simply to advise you of something crucial. When I felt sure angels intervened in my life or in the lives of others, I might inform of a number of circumstances. Let me show you one such amazing story about a priest I understand.

The young Father was driving a familiar path to a conference when, unaccountably, he made an incorrect turn. As he was navigating to return on track, he came across the scene of an awful traffic mishap. Paramedics were dealing with a guy who was extremely hurt. The priest pulled over and asked the cops if there was anything he might do, and, noticeably alleviated by his existence, they brought him to the hurt male. He hoped over and blessed the guy and offered him conditional absolution – – and the guy passed away. As he left, he got the genuine thankfulness of the authorities and paramedics who were likewise blest, genuinely consoled, by the priest’’ s “ taking place by.”


It remains in Scripture, in which angels appear more than one hundred times, that we discover their bigger, significant function in redemption history, beyond their essential function as guardian angels.

Twice in Matthew’’ s gospel Jesus mentions the preparedness of myriad angels to act in show on His behalf as the Lord. When He rebukes Peter’’ s defense of Him in Gethsemane, Christ states: ““ Do you believe that I can not attract my Father, and he will at the same time send me more than twelve legions of angels?” ”( Matt 26:53). And at His last coming Christ forecasts that He ““ will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will collect his choose from the 4 winds” ”( Matt. 24: 31).


In the Old Testament: The powerful angel with the flaming sword defend against our fallen moms and dads’ ’ go back to Eden (angels portion God’’ s justice along with His grace). 3 angels inform Father Abraham and Sarah that at their sophisticated age they will have a child, Isaac, who will daddy forth the Covenant; and an angel steps in to avoid Abraham from immolating that guaranteed patriarch of the Covenant. Jacob is offered a vision of angels coming down the stairs and rising to paradise as an indication that he has actually been delegated with the Covenant. Moses’ ’ angel guards and guides him in his conduct of the Covenant’’ s selected individuals from chains to flexibility. Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and other prophets are commissioned and helped, mystically informed, by angels in their pronouncement of God’’ s Covenant. For the conclusion of his prophetic objective, for example, Daniel is conserved from the intense heater and the jaws of lions by the direct action of angels.

In the New Testament: An angel predicts to Zechariah the birth of John the Baptist, precursor of the Messiah. The Blessed Virgin Mary is informed by Archangel Gabriel that she is to bear the ““ Son of God ” by the power of one of the most High; and Gabriel gets her approval, her fiat, by which our Lord and Savior Jesus ends up being Incarnate. An angel declares to shepherds the birth of the Messiah, and after that a host of angels declares His nativity. An angel guarantees Joseph about Mary’’ s virginal conception and after that directs him to take Mother and Child to Egypt to safeguard the Divine Savior from Herod’’ s treachery. An Angel ministers and conveniences to Jesus at 2 axial minutes of His messianic life, his temptation in the desert and his pain in garden. Mary Magdalen and the other females are notified by 2 angels at the empty burial place about the Lord’’ s culminating salvific act: ““ He is not here; for he has actually increased ”( Matt. 28:6). When Jesus rises to paradise from amongst the apostles, 2 angels describe to them: ““ This Jesus, who was used up from you into paradise, will be available in the very same method as you saw him enter into paradise” ”( Acts 1:11). After the Ascension, Saints Peter, John, Paul, Philip, and others are all helped and directed by angels in their objective of preaching the Gospel. Both Peter and Paul are derived from jail by angels.

And in the Book of Revelation, the existence of angels is plentiful: angels unfurling portentous scrolls, pronouncing holy words of hope and condemnation, wielding wind and sickle and censer, astride earth and sun, blowing trumpets and sounding thunder, sowing afflict and ruination – “– “ flying in midheaven, with an everlasting gospel to declare to those who harp on earth” ” (Rev. 14:6).

Angels, paradise’’ s lordly lieges, are not incidental to our lives, nor are they insignificant in the life of the world. They are important, important, to the Trinity’’ s prepare for our wellness and redemption, and for the supreme renewal of production. They are not nostalgic sprites, nor are they occult New Age demigods. They are stunning, mild however effective beings who show God’’ s holiness and administer His goodness. They comprise the incredible court of Our Lady Queen of Angels whose bidding they vigilantly, happily, do. They enjoy us and wish to assist us. We must take them seriously and pay them earnest commitment, and have regular and positive option to them – – and be grateful in the hope that we will invest in relationship with them an eternity of happiness.

* All Biblical passages are from the RSVCE.

Image by Katarzyna Tyl from Pixabay

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The 20 Things Guardian Angels Do for Us

Imagine you had a bodyguard who was constantly with you. He did all the normal bodyguard things like safeguarding you from threat, fending off aggressors, and typically keeping you safe in all scenarios. He likewise did more than this: he provided you ethical assistance, assisted you end up being a more powerful individual, and led you to your supreme calling in life.

We put on’’ t need to picture it. We currently have such a bodyguard. Christian custom calls them guardian angels. Their presence is supported by Scripture and both Catholics and Protestants think in them

But frequently we overlook to tap this fantastic spiritual resource. (I, for one, am definitely guilty of this!) In order to much better get the help of guardian angels, it may assist to have a much better gratitude of they can do for us. Here are 20 things:

.1. Fend off devils.

Sometimes we picture ethical decision-making as an argument in between a bad angel whispering in one ear and a great angel speaking carefully in the other. There is a reality to this: according to St. Thomas Aquinas, among the functions of the guardian angels is to eliminate off devils (Summa Theologica, Part 1, Question 113 , Articles 2-6).

.2. Secure us from damage.

Guardian angels normally secure us from both physical and spiritual damage, according to Aquinas (Question 113, Article 5 , Reply 3). This belief is rooted in Scripture. Psalm 91:11 -12 states, ““ For he commands his angels with regard to you, to safeguard you anywhere you go. With their hands they will support you, lest you strike your foot versus a stone.””

. 3. Reinforce us versus temptation.

Guardian angels do not simply fend off wicked, they likewise enhance us so we can do it ourselves. As St. Bernard states in a preaching , ““ As frequently, for that reason, as a most major temptation is viewed to weigh upon you and an extreme trial is threatening, contact us to your guard, your leader, your assistant in your requirements, in your adversity; cry to him and state: ‘‘ Lord, conserve us;”we die! ’ ”

. 4. Push us.

St. Bernard likewise states that with angels such as these at our side we must have no worry. We need to have the nerve to live out our faith boldly and challenge whatever life may toss our method. As he puts it, “ Why should we fear under such guardians? Those who keep us in all our “methods can neither be gotten rid of nor be tricked, much less trick. They are loyal; they are sensible; they are effective; why do we shiver? ”

. 5. Step in unbelievely to conserve us from difficulty.

Guardian angels not just”‘guard, ’ they likewise can conserve us when we are currently in difficulty. This is shown by the ‘story of Peter in Acts 12 , when an angel assists break the apostle out of jail. The story recommends that it is his own individual angel that has actually stepped in (see verse 15). Obviously, we can not depend on such wonders. It ’ s an included convenience to understand that they are possible.

. 6. Guard us from birth. As soon as disputed whether guardian angels were designated at birth or at baptism, #ppppp> Church Fathers.St. Jerome argued decisivelyfor the previous. His basis was Matthew 18:10 , which is a most importantly essential Scriptural passage that supports the presence of guardian angels. In the verse Jesus states, “ See that you do not dislike among these kids, for I state to you that their angels in paradise constantly consider the face of my divine Father. ” The factor that we get guardian angels at birth is that their help is related to our nature as logical beings, instead of coming from the order of grace, according to Aquinas (Question 113, Article 5 , Answer ).

. 7. Guard everyone– consisting of unbelievers.

This conclusion follows from the above. Aquinas likewise makes this clear in describing that God never ever leaves any of us, consisting ofsinners. As the terrific dogmatic theologian Ludwig Ott described , “ According to the basic mentor of the theologians, nevertheless, not just every baptized individual, however every person, consisting of unbelievers, has his own unique guardian angel from his birth. ” Pope Benedict XVI “likewise taught that guardian angels are “ ministers of the magnificent take care of every human. ”( Thanks to Jimmy Akin for highlighting these sources.)

.” 8. Advise us of the self-respect of individuals.

This follows from all that has actually been stated prior to. It is especially obvious from Matthew 18:10 where Jesus advises us not to ‘ dislike ’ the ‘ kids ’ since they have angels supervising them. (I ’ m especially indebted to Protestant preacher John Piper for pointing this out’ . )As St. Jerome puts it , “ The worth of souls is so terrific that from birth every one has actually an angel designated to him for security. ” Piper highlights how the existence of guardian angels need to lead us to a higher regard for our fellow Christians: “ Therefore wear ’ t dislike this basic, unimpressive disciple of Jesus! Let his angelic entourage advise you whose child he is. ”

. 9. Advise us of God ’ s take care of all.

Aquinas describes how the angels run in accordance with God ’ s providential prepare for all males( Question 113, Article 6, Answer”).It follows that these’angels function as asuggestion of His take care of us.

. 10. Bring our requirements to God.

Akin states that guardian angels function as intercessors who bring our demands straight to God based upon Jesus ’ words in Matthew 18:10 about angels witnessing the face of God.

. 11. Bring us closer to God.

It follows from the above that guardian angels likewise help in bringing us nearer to God. Even when God appears remote, simply bear in mind that the guardian angel appointed to you personally is at the exact same time witnessing God straight, as the Catholic Encyclopedia notes .

12. Move us to the excellent.

Guardian angels likewise move us to the great. As Aquinas composes, “ It is furthermore manifest that as concerns things to be done human understanding and love can stop working and differ from excellent in numerous methods; therefore it was essential that angels ought to be deputedfor the guardianship of males, in order to manage them and move them to great ” This consists of “triggering us to carry out greats, according to Aquinas.( See Question 113, Article 1 , Answer and Article 4 , Objection 3. )

. 13. Strengthen God ’ s commands.

According to Aquinas, among the functions of our angelic guardians is assisting us utilize our factor to pursue virtue. In specific, he states the angels assist us in establishing vigilance by acting as God ’ s “ universal trainer, ” handing down God’ s precepts( Question113, Article 1 , Reply 2).

. 14. Brighten the reality.

Angels “ propose the intelligible fact to guys ” through practical things”, according to Aquinas (Question 111, Article 1 , Answer). he does not elaborate on thispoint, this it is “a basic teaching of the Church that the standard mentor points to invisible spiritual realities. As St. Paul states in Romans 1:20, “ Ever considering that the production of the world, his unnoticeable qualities of everlasting power and divinity have actually had the ability to be comprehended and viewed in what he has actually made. ”

. 15. Enhance our minds.

A 2nd manner in which angels inform us, Aquinas states, is by enhancing our intelligences. As he “puts it, “ [T] he human intelligence as the inferior, is reinforced by the action of the angelic intelligence ” (Question 111, Article 1 ).

. 16. Interact through our creativity.

In addition to resolving our intelligences and senses, our guardian angels likewise affect us through our creativities, according to Aquinas, who provides the example of Joseph ’ s dreams( Question 111, Article 3 ,On the Contrary and Answer). It may not be somethingas obvious apparent a dream; it could might likewise through more subtle means methods a ‘ phantasm, ’ which could might defined specified an image brought to the senses or the imagination CreativityQuestion 111: Article Post , AnswerResponse definition meaning adjusted the Dictionary of Scholastic Philosophy viewpoint Bernard Wueller, SJ ).

. 17. Impact our wills.

Angels can not straight move the will ‘,’ however, according to Aquinas, they can indirectly affect it through our senses and intelligence, as mentioned above (Question 111, Article 2 , Answer). This implies that our guardian angels affect every part of our being for the much better– our senses, intelligence, and will.

. 18. Help in our redemption.

The supreme objective of all that guardian angels do is to assist in our redemption, according to Aquinas. “ Angels are sent out to minister, which efficaciously certainly, for those who will get the inheritance of redemption, if we think about the supreme result of their guardianship, which is the understanding of that inheritance, ” Aquinas composes( Question 113, Article 5 , Reply 1). Here he is drawing from Hebrews 1:14 , which mentions, “ Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve, for the sake of those who are to acquire redemption? ”

. 19. Advise us of our supreme objective.

Inspired by Christ ’ s words in Matthew 18:10, St. Augustine recommends that guardian angels advise us that our supreme objective is the angelic vision of God: “ As, then, they see, so will we likewise see; however not yet do we hence see. Wherefore the apostle utilizes the words mentioned a little back, Now we translucent a glass, darkly; however then deal with to deal with. This vision is booked as the benefit of our faith; and of it the Apostle John likewisestates, When He will appear, we will resembleHim, for we will see Him as He is. 1 John 3:2. By the face of God we are to comprehend His symptom, and not a part of the body comparable to that which in our bodies we call by that name ”( City of God, Book 22 , Chapter 29 ).

. 20. Never ever leave us.

Guardian angels presume their responsibilities at our birth and keep them as much as our death. For Aquinas, this is simply an extension of the more comprehensive reality that we never ever totally leave God ’ s care, even in sin and doubt: “ Now it appears that neither male, nor anything, is totally withdrawn from the providence of God: for in as far as a thing takes part being, up until now is it based on the providence that crosses all being. God certainly is stated to abandon male, accordingto the buying of His providence, however just in up until now as He permits guy to suffer some problem of penalty or of fault. In like way it need to be stated that the angel guardian never ever abandons a guy totally … ”( Question 113, Article 6 , Answer).


image: By Vassil [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons


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St. Elizabeth of the Trinity: Lessons on Living in the Heart of the Church

As her name indicates, St. Elizabeth of the Trinity was totally immersed in contemplation of the triune God Who lived in her through Baptism. She knew that the ultimate foundation of human love and friendship is always the unity of love reigning within the Trinity. As a reflection of God Himself, the friend­ship between human beings becomes a redemptive reality in the Church. The Church is the context, the atmosphere, where we live in a kind of Trinitarian friendship. God is always present among the members of the Church, binding them together just as the three Divine Persons are bound together.

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity in her Carmelite Habit.

Elizabeth described her friendship with another sister, “The mystery of the Three has been reproduced on earth since our two hearts have found their union in Yours.” The Church is the communion of saints in which the Most Holy Trinity is always present as the heart of the ecclesial mystery. The Church always reflects the Trinity, and inter-ecclesial solidarity has its foundation in intra-trinitarian communion. This majestic truth of our Faith becomes a day-to-day reality in the life of Carmel, where Elizabeth tried to live in constant union with the Trinity, and at the same time, with her sisters.

Although she lived totally hidden away from the outside world, it is quite evident through her many letters that she had friendly relationships with many people outside Carmel. These letters are often masterpieces of concrete spiritual direction for laypeople. Her spiritual doctrine is very much suited for people living in the midst of society. And in this way, her ecclesial mis­sion becomes evident. She was aware that all the members of the Church, whether in peaceful enclosures or busy in society, are united in adoration of the Trinity, helping each other in the fulfillment of this important task. Through adoration, they be­come brothers and sisters in the communion of saints. In the act of adoration, they enter into an invisible unity with each other, and this day-to-day reality brings forth many hidden fruits.

This vision of spiritual solidarity emphasized by Elizabeth can be very helpful for so many people feeling isolated and alone, suffering from this twofold disease that is, alas, so common today. If people came to the realization that they really belong to this communion of saints, things would change dramatically.

Elizabeth made a spiritual synthesis that reflects her vision of her own vocation. She uses the Latin words laudem gloria, from St. Paul, in order to characterize this vocation of hers. She is “called to give praise and glory to God whatever she is doing, however she is feeling.” Here on earth, Elizabeth had already begun doing what she was meant to do in eternity — glorify God. She knew that she was never on her own, but always united with all believ­ers, on earth, in Heaven, and in Purgatory.

This article is from a chapter in Carmelite Spirituality: The Way of Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation. Click image to learn more.

The Church is one and the same in its different stages. As Bride of the Lamb, She is always adoring and glorifying the Most Holy Trinity. With the simple eyes of faith, Elizabeth contemplates the entire mystery of the Church, which has its beginning in the bosom of the Trinity long before the creation of the world and which one day will find its fulfillment there, too.

In Elizabeth’s writings, the notion of predestination is quite common. We might even say that Elizabeth is the Catholic answer to Calvin. In contrast to his individualistic outlook, she looks upon predestination mainly as the predestination of the entire ecclesial body to take part in God’s eternal glory. Every person is called upon to enter into communion with the Church, being transformed by grace and finally receiving eternal glory through the merits of the redemp­tive love of Christ. Predestination is a mystery of immense love.

In a posthumous note, Elizabeth of the Trinity wrote, “I bequeath to you this vocation which was mine in the bosom of the Church Militant and which I shall fulfill henceforth unceasingly in the Church Triumphant: a praise of glory of the Blessed Trinity.” This spiritual heritage of hers is a very pedagogical, or rather mystagogical, approach to the entire reality of the Church. We can never separate the Church from the Trinity. In her bosom, we can live as friends adoring God, giving praise to Him and, thus, growing in mutual love and help. This intra-ecclesial friendship is also an important point of evangelization, as we know from the early Church. “Friendship with any man is ultimately friendship with Christ,” William Johnston said.

Mother and Bride

The Church is more Mother than institution, more Bride than hierarchy, more mystery than sociology. The Carmelite vision of the Church concentrates on this innermost reality of the Church. This reality can help those who often feel utterly alone and empty, to find healing in the life-giving womb of the Church.

Jesus will always care for His bride, whether she be the Church or the soul. Human beings are always the same. They were cre­ated by God’s love and for His love. If they can discover the Church as the fruitful ambiance where they can inhale God’s love and be transformed by it, then they will feel at home in Her. The Carmelite saints have an extraordinary capacity to point to essentials. When they speak about the Church, they always do so in a tone of prayer and adoration of the triune God. The Church is a reflection of the intra-trinitarian love between the divine Persons.

Consequently, the Church will always bring us closer to God. The Carmelite mystics can help our brothers and sisters who are formed and shaped by the modern malaise of individualism to rediscover the true face of the Church.

The Carmelite doctrine stressing these theological virtues is a remedy against this disease of our times. The Church is the concrete brotherhood — and sisterhood — in which we help each other to live according to the theological virtues. The Carmelite saints are our helpful brothers and sisters on this mystical path. The contemplative ecclesiology of Carmel can also be a remedy against the malaise that so many of our contemporaries feel in regard to the Church and Her many weaknesses.

In her notes from 1932, Edith Stein wrote,

“The Church as the Kingdom of God in this world should reflect changes in human thought. Only by accepting each age as it is and treating it ac­cording to its singular nature can the Church bring eternal truth and life to temporality.”

With these words, Edith Stein indicates the responsibility of the Church. The Church must listen with a contemplative ear to every age and every movement in time. She is a part of the world and so must have solidarity with it. She must be able to see what is happening in human hearts in every single moment of human history. God also speaks to Her through the world. Carmelite mysticism helps us to be listeners to God in Himself but, also, to God speaking to us through the hidden signs in humanity and creation at large. “Creatures are like a trace of God’s passing. Through them, one can discover His grandeur, might, wisdom, and other divine attributes,” says St. John of the Cross.

The Church of today needs a kind of spiritual plastic surgery in order to rediscover Her true heart and regain the true beauty of Her face. Our Carmelite tradition can help her in this ongoing process of conversion, in order that She may realize that, through Her wounds, She is even closer to her Bridegroom and His redemp­tive love. “His heart is an open wound with love,” St. John of the Cross said. And so we, too, in our lives in the Church can receive Christ’s redemptive love. We can live in His presence. We can receive His grace. And we can become more and more the Church as it is meant to be, because as we see in the Carmelite mystical tradition, the Bride of Christ is the Church, it is Mary, and it’s each one of us. And within the Church we receive our true being. We can become saints in the heart of the Church, but we have to live in Her very heart, in constant prayer and adoration of the Blessed Trinity.

This article is adapted from a chapter in Cardinal Arborelius’s book, Carmelite Spirituality: The Way of Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation. It is available as an ebook or paperback from your favorite bookstore or online through Sophia Institute Press.

Photo by who?du!nelson on Unsplash

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