In 1224, an army of soldiers on errand from Frederick II showed up to assault Assisi. St. Clare resided in Assisi with the siblings of her freshly formed spiritual order at the time. In action to the coming intrusion, St. Clare—– while really ill—– headed out to fulfill the soldiers with the Blessed Sacrament in her hands. She put the Blessed Sacrament on the wall where the intruders might see it. She then was up to her knees and asked God to conserve her sis. It is stated that she hoped:

” O Lord, safeguard these Sisters whom I can not safeguard now,” she hoped. A voice appeared to address: “I will keep them constantly in My care.””


The enemies were then filled with worry and got away from the town as quick as they might without injuring anybody while doing so.

In 2014, it ended up being nationwide news that Satanists prepared to host a ““ black mass ” at Harvard which was being hosted by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club. There was an excellent protest as Catholics rallied all over the world through prayer to fight the sacrilegious occasion. In reaction, Catholics in the Boston location took part in a Eucharistic procession through the streets near MIT.

In a fantastic program of spiritual power, the priests, spiritual, and devoted present shown to the world and to the Satanists that real power originates from the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. The ““ black mass ” was canceled by Harvard and transferred to a regional bar where it obviously was not carried out in its totality and without a consecrated host.

Nearly 800 years after St. Clare, Catholics still react to dangers of evil by holding high the Eucharistic Presence of Our Lord. In doing so, we are revealing the world Christ Himself body, blood, divinity, and soul who is the supreme response to all wicked, condition, sin, and death. He is the source of all power. In the end, it is the greater supernatural order that genuinely dominates what takes place in the material world as ordained by God. It is this supernatural understanding and vision that we need to recover to an even higher level now.

Many priests and some bishops reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by heading out to mountain tops, city streets, communities, and parish actions raising high Our Eucharistic Lord through Eucharistic praises and processions. These bishops and priests comprehend that what is occurring in the material world today has a higher spiritual measurement to it that we should increasingly fight a lot more than any infection, violence, departments, war, scarcity, or other condition that besieges humanity at the product level. To win these fights we need to combat the spiritual war raving around us.

Unfortunately, this was not the normative reaction in lots of dioceses as numerous Catholics discovered themselves without access to the Sacraments and even personal prayer prior to the Tabernacle with the Real Presence throughout this time of excellent suffering and darkness. The saints down through the ages reveal us the power of Our Lord in His Eucharistic Presence in combating pandemics, wars, scarcity, and other sufferings. Our world is broken, injured, and passing away. It is just Christ who can recover souls. We can not lock Him up in our churches separated from His individuals and the many souls in requirement of conserving on the planet.

To raise the monstrance real estate the Blessed Sacrament is to raise high Christ on the Cross, which is the source of our redemption. It is to reveal Our Crucified and Glorified Lord to a passing away world that is still spoiled by sin and death. This is the power St. Clare asked Christ to let loose on the coming intruders. Not a violent retaliation or getting away from threat, however rather, His Real Presence securing them through His magnificent power. She relied on totally in Him. It is this trust and faith in Him that is vital for us today.

With most of Catholics rejecting the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, we reside in an age of terrific spiritual threat. If we are indifferent, and even desecrating the Blessed Sacrament through our unbelief and absence of love as Catholics, then we can not want to evangelize our own damaged culture or react as Christian disciples to the terrific conditions damaging the world.

St. Peter Julian Eymard stated, ““ Let us always remember that an age diminishes or flourishes in percentage to its commitment to the Holy Eucharist. This is the step of its spiritual life and its faith, of its charity and its virtue.” When almost 70% of Catholics reject the Real Presence, ” These are strong words to an age.

The risk for everyone is to forget the genuine power of the Holy Eucharist. When confronted with the danger of death in a pandemic it is simple to run away to our houses and leave the world behind. The bishops and priests who have actually held high the Blessed Sacrament throughout the world in reaction to this terrific trial and screening understand much better. They see with the supernatural vision of faith. We can not desert the world. We need to head out to the world with Our Eucharistic Lord. When so lots of are passing away spiritual deaths, he desires to be with His individuals and He desires to conserve souls in a time.

Do we have the faith of St. Clare who wanted to stake her life, the lives of all of her siblings, and Assisi on magnificent help from Christ in His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist? He will let loose remarkable enhances through our priests raising high His Real Presence in our neighborhoods if we have faith in God and trust in Him. This is the Eucharistic reaction saints have actually revealed us down through the ages and we need to do the exact same in our own day.

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