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Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (May 2020): Teodora Dimitrova

 Fstoppers Professional Photographer of the Month (May 2020): Teodora Dimitrova

The Fstoppers neighborhood is overflowing with innovative vision and skill. Every day, we comb through your work, trying to find images to include as the Photo of the Day or just to appreciate your imagination and technical expertise. In 2020, we’re including a brand-new professional photographer each month, whose portfolio represents both excellent photographic accomplishment and a high level of participation within the Fstoppers neighborhood.

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Images are More Important than Ever — Here’s Why

It’’ s not a surprise to anybody at this moment that we are residing in the age of social networks . Your mama, your colleagues, and even your grandmother are on social networks at this moment. Even your pet dog, if you’’ re into that.


With a lot of posts, messages, snapchats, and tweets being sent out every day, how can you make sure your message, in company and individual, is making clear? Images. Images. gifs. videos. Anything that isn’’ t text.

. Marketing to Short Attention Spans.

Squirrel! You understand what this indicates if you ’ ve seen the film Up. If not …

According to a research study by Microsoft , the typical attention period of human beings is much shorter than that of a goldfish (8 seconds for people, 9 seconds for goldfish). This indicates that if your text is too long and without any visual attract your audience, opportunities are the message is avoided over and lost.

Sure, there are the couple of insane individuals that check out every post they encounter however they are certainly in the minority of social networks users. In addition, users that feel the text is too long will not make the effort to read it.

This heatmap image listed below from Digital Uncovered reveals where readers invest the most time, which reduces after the digital fold. The digital fold, or the ““ meat ” of the material, is where your message lies. If your material is not getting the attention of your audience at the top of the page, they will not continue checking out to the digital fold and for that reason, will miss out on the message.

Yes, the text in your posts is necessary too. Bullet points, subheadings, and highlighting keywords are all methods to bring in the eye of the reader. If you actually desire to capture the eye of somebody rapidly scrolling through their feed, images are the finest choice.

Whether it is a picture, a graphic image, chart, video, gif, or screenshot of something essential on your site, your audience will be more mesmerized and happy to hear (or check out) what you need to state.

Some concepts to change up your material can be, however are not restricted to:

.Pictures.Videos.Gifs.Slides from a slideshow.Logo designs.Graphs or charts.

.Instagram and Snapchat.Foodies, Fitspo, and Faces, Oh My!

Two of the most popular social networks platforms are Snapchat and Instagram, both of which utilize images to interact.

If you are on Instagram, you understand that individuals LOVE to share selfies (Faces), food pictures (Foodies), and physical fitness motivation (Fitspo) with hopes of going viral. Or with the objective of ending up being an influencer, which is an entire various ballgame.

Sharing images with comparable principles can reveal that your brand name understands patterns and can produce individual connections with your fans.

More and more services are signing up with Snapchat as a method to get in touch with a more youthful target audience. Snapchat is an excellent for …

.Behind-the-scenes take a look at your organisation.Unique material and deals.Pictures and videos of items.Motivating consumers to share images and videos with you.

However, wear’’ t limitation yourself. Pictures can be shared throughout all social networks platforms and cross-posting, or sharing the exact same image throughout all of your platforms, will continue to motivate your brand name’’ s visual identity.

. Why Should You Care About Images?

Social media posts with images get shared regularly than posts without. This suggests, the more aesthetically appealing your posts are, the more engagement you’’ ll get and for that reason more chances for leads.

Using appropriate images regularly can develop a visual identity for your brand name. While this doesn’’ t suggest you need to repost the exact same images or logo designs over and over once again, it does indicate that including various visuals into your posts will avoid the material from feeling stagnant.

.Where to Start with Images.

If you sanctuary’’ t published lots of images on your social networks platforms, begin with a vision board to learn what will work best for your company. It does not need to be concrete, as your concepts and motivation might alter typically.

Use colors or patterns that matter for your service to assist establish a brand name identity. By following a brand name and having identity, customers will have the ability to acknowledge your brand name quicker and react to your material.

For example, the Walmart logo design utilizes yellow and blue. In all of their ads and social media posts, they utilize images that consist of yellow and blue. The Walmart logo design is immediately identifiable and by utilizing the comparable or very same visuals in social media, their material will be identifiable.

Most readers will scan content rather of completely reading it. If your material and images are direct, to the point, and intriguing, your audience will be more interested.

Don’’ t forget your why ; you wouldn’’ t post random’text, so wear ’ t post random images. Ensure each image you share on social networks has a function, even if the function is to capture the reader’’ s eye.

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